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To: Government of Ireland

Stop unnecessary herbicide use in Ireland

The use of herbicide is widespread in Ireland - from maintenance of estates where no signage is used to warn children playing to countryside verges where flowering plants are reduced to burnt thatch.

Farmers and other professionals have requirements on the use of herbicide but no limitations or requirements exist for the general public.

This petition seeks for the Government to;
1) Review all herbicide use by public bodies and work to reduce this to the absolute minimum where no alternatives exist by 2025.
2) Review all herbicide use by private bodies and work to reduce this to the absolute minimum by 2026, with regulations updated for safety, scope of use and limitations of use.
3) Stop the sale of all over-the-counter herbicides to members of the general public by end of 2024.

Why is this important?

We are in a biodiversity crisis, this is the absolute minimum that can be done.

Herbicide use is indiscriminate of plant and destroys the remnants of nature in places.

We have seen the low numbers of butterflies and bees this year - how can we expect the numbers to increase when we spray the plants and pollinator corridors vital to their life cycles.


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