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To: anglers and angling clubs and inland fisheries ireland

stop the needless culling of fish !

as a keen angler of over 55 years i was disgusted to see photos published on social media (tiktok) of a large number of pike needlessly slaughters by so called ANGLERS on the river shannon at athlone in recent days . the persons responsible for this slaughter even boast of killing a 7.1 kg pike ,photo's show fish from around 0.5kg to 7.1kg left lying dead on the banks of the river . unbelievably this photo has over 350 'hearts' /approvals from other like minded morons . the needless killing of so many fish is sadly not a 'one off ' it is repeated all over irelands waterways every day of the week . i would like to ask anglers , angling clubs , and inland fisheries ireland to take a stance on this sort of slaughter of perfectly healthy fish, if we as anglers DO NOT protect our fish stocks then how can our sport survive ? . please sign this petition and bring an end to this needless slaughter .

Why is this important?

fisheries ,lakes ,rivers ,canals across ireland are being targeted by these so called fishermen , they do not care about how many fish they kill or how they kill them , quite often the fish are just left on the bank to die or thrown into hedgerows and ditches , this sort of cruelty could see our sport come under the spotlight of anti bloodsport organisations as well as the damage it can cause to the eco systems of our waters . predator fish eat diseased and sickly fish ,this stops the spread of disease to other fish and helps keep our waters healthy , its a natural way for waters to deal with disease and over breeding of fish stocks , killing these predators disturbs that balance and throws the ecosystem out of kilter


2023-06-03 09:04:38 +0100

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