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To: Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald

Stop suspended /short sentences for sex offenders & call for the resignation of Judge Gerald Keys

Tánaiste, in light of the recent suspended sentence handed down by Judge Gerald Keys to a 77-year old man who abused his nieces as children, we demand that you call for the resignation of the judge and the revision of the sentence handed down to the man. We demand that our government and courts treat sexual assault with the seriousness that it deserves.

Why is this important?

Our Judges continuously hand down suspended or short sentences to rapists and those found guilty of sexual assault in this country, including those who sexually assault children. We do not accept these sentences which legitimise the rape of both adults and children and allow dangerous and violent criminals to walk freely on our streets. Enough is enough. If our judges are unable to punish those who have committed these abhorrent crimes, then we call for their resignations from their positions.

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