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To: TDs & Senators

Stop CETA: Stop corporations rigging the rules

CETA is a dodgy trade deal between the EU & Canada, that has the creation of investor courts buried deep in the agreement - these would allow corporations sue the Irish government for compensation if they think their profits are under threat as a result of changes to laws or regulations.

We are calling on this government to vote against the CETA deal that would put our state democracy, climate laws, housing laws and more at risk now and for decades to come.

Why is this important?

CETA is a proposed trade deal between the EU and Canada. Buried in the smaller print there is the creation of a hugely problematic new court (ICS) that will override our current courts. But CETA is a lot more than a trade deal - it’s a dangerous corporate power grab that gives multinational corporations extraordinary powers to sue us for millions of euros in shady tribunals if they believe our local and national government policies have put our interests ahead of their expected profits.

For example, if CETA were to be implemented and the government enacts limits on rent, as Ireland's largest private landlord (often referred to as a 'Vulture Fund') is Canadian - Ires Reit - they could sue the state to make up for any loss of profit to the Canadian company.

If we bring in more climate laws or regulation to work towards addressing some of the causes of climate crisis - companies can sue is if they think the laws will affect their profits too.

Governments have been sued in other countries who have introduced these new types of courts.
This new court system, that supersedes and operates outside our own court system, would lead an already corporate-friendly government further down the road of putting business profits above the needs of Irish people and make secure, sustainable and affordable homes more out of reach.

Once CETA is ratified, it allows investors to go straight to these special tribunals and sideline domestic courts and those of the European Union. Investor court decisions cannot be challenged by either the State or the EU - this is the equivalent of handing corporations a blank cheque!
We must stand against this corporate takeover that will risk our efforts of addressing the climate and housing crises.

For more info on CETA ICS, check out this fact checker:
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