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To: Residents

Save Patrician Villas

It would mean a lot if you took a moment to add your name to this petition. The National Transport Authority, as part of the BusConnects project are seeking planning permission to make radical modifications outside and inside Patrician Villas. These plans include the loss of a recreational green space and the removal of at least 50% of the trees that protect Patrician Villas from the busy N11.

We, the residents of Patrician Villas and Grove, were not invited to give our opinions on what may happen in our own neighbourhood and while we do not want to impede public transport infrastructure improvements, we would appreciate the opportunity to enter into dialogue with the NTA. This would allow residents present less destructive, safer and mutually agreeable alternatives. A petition may help us get such opportunity so we ask you to kindly lend your support and sign this petition so we can present it to the National Transport Authority, An Bord Pleanala, TDs and County Councillors.

After you've signed the petition, could you also take a moment to share it with others? It's easy – all you need to do is forward this link. Thank you!

Why is this important?

Less trees, more traffic congestion outside and more pedestrian traffic inside will mean Patrician Villas will become a less safe, less green, more polluted, noisier and unhealthier place to live. The image of Patrician Villas as a 'residential' area and its 'sense of community' will be severely compromised and the quality of life of its residents will be drastically altered. The NTA proposals are outlined below.

(1) One main proposal is the relocation of the Stillorgan Park Road bus stop approximately 120m (2 min walk) from its current location. To facilitate this, the following additional modifications are proposed:
• Construction of an ‘Island-style’ bus stop requiring land take, and the removal of trees,
• Construction of a Toucan crossing in front of the relocated bus stop; i.e. the building of an additional pedestrian crossing ‘on’ the dual carriageway in the same area as the existing pedestrian crossing ‘under’ the dual carriageway.
• Creating a pedestrian access point by removing part of the wall between Patrician Villas recreational space and the N11, and the removal of trees.
• Construction of a concrete staircase and winding ramp requiring the sacrifice of a recreational space, and the removal of trees.

(2) Another proposal is the construction of a 1.8m footpath the length of the border between Patrician Villas and the N11 dual carriageway. To facilitate this, 2 other modifications are proposed -
• Extension of the underpass further into the neighbourhood for a footpath above,
• Land take of at least 2m the length of Patrician Villas and the removal of trees.

The proposed infrastructure changes are "minor" in terms of impact - i.e. moving a bus stop only 120 meters (a 2 mins walk) and creating a footpath along an area that has no entrances and that will abruptly come to an end at the junction. Yet the sacrifices Patrician Villas and Grove are expected to make and the danger and affective health implications to residents are "major". Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together we can reach lots of people and help create change around this important issue.

Please note, your email address is required but will not be visible to anyone in this petition campaign. Only names and constituencies are retrievable for the purpose of presenting evidence of support to Authorities.

Thank you for signing and again, please share this petition link with others - the more people showing support by way of their signature - the better!!
Stillorgan, Dublin, Ireland

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