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To: Limerick Council

Save our green space Limerick

Save our green space Limerick

Stop car parking being built in Limerick city green space

Why is this important?

We oppose the decision to introduce over 50 parking spaces in Russell Park, Hyde Road. Since the initial consultation in 2015, Limerick’s has drastically changed. Four years after original planning permission was sought, we now have many people living in this area, while many of the businesses whom requested the additional parking have ceased trading. Only 19 submissions were collected as part of the Part 8 planning application and residents do not feel that they were adequately consulted on this issue. Of note, there are many children and adults living with disabilities in the new Hyde Road apartments and they have serious safety concerns regarding the extra car traffic this will bring to the area.
Considering the complete reversal of the final works on Davis Street from the finalised proposed plans, there is a set precedent for Limerick Council to halt construction work at this time. The Davis Street improvement infrastructure did not reflect or meet the proposed planning documents with no reason for this change given by Limerick Council.
We call for greater linkage between Russell Park and The Peoples Park. This could also include the use of the iconic Park Kiosk to be used as a cultural hub for the surrounding area. We believe that we need to value our city’s green spaces and the enormous health, social and environmental benefits they bring to Limerick and its citizens.

Limerick, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • This is not the first time the council tried to remove this green area and it certainly won't be their last, but each time people power has stopped it. Now that they have moved us the original tenants of the area out, they think we have no further interest in what happens in the inner city... how wrong they are!
  • Big corporations are destroying Nature and it's not right!!
  • Car park would ruin the nice open green space


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