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To: Kildare County Council

Road Safety for Monasterevin School Children

Road Safety for Monasterevin School Children

Immediate action is required to ensure child safety.

Why is this important?

With an ever increasing population and heavier traffic on our roads, the current layout around the Monasterevin Schools is unacceptable. Every day, children are crossing roads that have no designated crossing. They are walking on the road because the footpath is unusable or non existent. They are using a junction that is too wide to cross safely with traffic coming from all directions. There are no signs to indicate a school. The current buildup of leaves is leading to ice like conditions on the roads and footpaths. The list of issues goes on and on..
Kildare County Council have refused to provide a traffic warden as recently as November 18th, and with the dark winter already upon us, our childrens lives are quite literally on the line. KCC have quite simply said no money will be spent on our childrens safety.
With money widely spent across the county on traffic wardens and infrastructure, Monasterevin appears to once again be forgotten or deemed less important by Kildare County Council.
We will NOT accept this.
The School Road Safety Action Group, will continue to highlight this issue and will not relent until we are confident that our children can safely walk to school.

Monasterevin, County Kildare, Ireland

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