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To: All sea anglers

Reverse decision on Bottom Mussel Dredging for spat/seed

I want them to object to the licencing for Bottom Mussel Dredging for spat/seed along Ireland's east

Why is this important?

Bottom Mussel Dredging for spat/seed along Ireland's east coast has over the last 30 years caused widespread habitat destruction and biodiversity loss. This is particularly apparent off the coast of North County Wicklow.

The Irish Bottom Mussel Industry with the help of Bord Iascaigh Mhara are seeking a Marine Stewardship Council Certificate which in plain terms deems Bottom Mussel Industry products as sustainably produced and not environmentally damaging.

Over the last 30 years permanent mussel banks, which attracted many species of fish, crustaceans, invertabrates, worms and a host of other benthic creatures have been destroyed by "spat collection" dredging which is a key element in the supply chain to market of Bottom Mussels.

This "dredging" element is so invasive to the benthic environment that the once great mixed fishery off Greystones, Co. Wicklow presents today as a marine desert where thirty years ago it was a marine Garden of Eden which sustained both local artisan fishing jobs and a thriving recreational sea angling product.

If you feel that this MSC cert' should not be awarded submit your reasons through the following link


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