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To: Minister for Education Norma Foley

Remove school profiling from the leaving certificate calculated grading system

We demand that the department of education remove the classist school profiling from the leaving certificate calculated grading system, which would further entrench privilege into our education system. With the hardship that students have faced in the past few months, students deserve more opportunities, not obstacles.

Why is this important?

From the example of the UK, we can see just how disastrous school profiling would be for a large amount of students. 39% of teacher predicted grades were downgraded by an algorithm, which could have robbed thousands of students of their futures (if not for the recent U-Turn of the British government).
School profiling is frankly not an accurate assessment of student ability. All students, regardless of their background should be given the opportunity to excel in their leaving certificate without being held back by economic circumstances. Students should be assessed on their own ability and not the past performance of their schools.
We recognise that we are a long way from solving the problem of inequality in our education system, but many of us are worried that this is a step backwards.


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