To: Mr Simon Harris

Remove prescription charges for homeless people

Remove prescription charges for homeless people

Change legislation so that homeless people do not pay prescription charges.

Why is this important?

Homeless people suffer more ill health than the housed population and therefore have a higher need for prescription medication.
Many homeless people cannot afford the €2.50 prescription charge payable on every item. Homeless health services repeatedly come across homeless patients who cannot afford their medication and so may not complete a course of antibiotics or take heparin for a clot. They often end up in hospital because of this.
Homeless people are registered with local authorities and therefore it is possible to identify individuals so they are exempt from this charge.


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Reasons for signing

  • People should come before "Money", the very fact that People are homeless is a disgraceful failing of the State to offer equality to all it's citizens. It is against the Law to allow Animals to be ill treated, yet we let our fellow Human Brothers and Sisters live outside in all the Irish weather can throw at them. It is time for Change!
  • We have to start somewhere so after the homeless lets remove prescription charges for people living both on and below the poverty line.
  • It is urgently important for the government and all politicians to become far more aware of the far reaching effects of the regulations and legislation of all kinds that has brought about the severity of the present situation in which so many people have been forced into homelessness.


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