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To: Irish Government

Referendum on Housing

Hold Referendum on Housing urgently.

A Referendum to amend the Irish Constitution, is the only way to deal with the current Housing emergency and to stop recurring Housing crises.

Tweaking the existing laws and housing policy will not address the fundamental root cause of recurring Housing crises in Ireland - property rights have precedence over human rights to a home in Ireland.

Why is this important?

A Referendum is essential:-

1. To deliver affordable homes for citizens by outlawing the artificial 37% added costs to build homes in Ireland. VAT alone is €23,000 for a 3 bed semi.
2. To stop Rack Rents preventing young people from saving for their own homes and preventing lower income groups from access to 3rd level education due to the exorbitant cost of student accommodation.
3. To prevent Evictions unless decided by the Courts.

... and ...
to remove the Central Bank biased and unfair constraints on Irish citizens which are not applicable to foreign vulture funds or local councils competing for homes.
- to stop Vulture funds competing with first time buyers.
- to stop Local Authorities competing with first time buyers.
- to stop recurring Housing crises.

"The 2008 CRASH could not have happened if this Referendum had been passed when called for in 1974. It was again recommended in 2014 by the Constitutional Convention."

- to reduce the cost of build - artificially inflated by 37%.
- to reduce the funding requirements for small and SME builders to build houses - increasing competition.
- to increase competition in the housing supply.
- to deliver proportionate amount of social homes.


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