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To: Wexford County Council

Reallocate Road Space to Walking and Cycling in Wexford

We want Wexford County Council to Reallocate Road Space to Walking and Cycling in Wexford.
We are WexBUG- wexford bike users group. For more info see links at bottom.
(photo: The Pádraig Grant Gallery)

Why is this important?

These recent weeks of the COVID-19 period have shown us what life could be like. Cars no longer dominate our streets and roads. Children and adults alike are cycling and walking - without fearing for their personal safety. Young boys and girls are venturing onto roads where they have never cycled before.
This will not continue unless something changes. Streets are for people. Properly designed segregated cycle ways, and adequate footpaths all will allow space for social distancing. But one day COVID-19 will be gone. The cars will remain - we must make space for people.

We want Wexford County Council to revisit their 2013 draft Cycling Network Plan,
and we want Wexford County Council to reallocate road space to walking and cycling in Wexford.

Research published by Sports Ireland on the 30th April 2020 shows an additional 500,000 regular walkers, 450,000 runners and 220,000 cyclists. These numbers show a huge increase in people using public space to move around and exercise.

See links to WexBUG for more info

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Wexford County Council Manager Tom Enright in County Hall. Wexford.

Wexford, Ireland

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