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To: Joe McHugh, Minister for Education and Katherine Zappone, Minster for Children and Youth Affairs

Reform Sex Education

We, the undersigned, call for a radical reform on a twenty year old sex education curriculum.

Why is this important?

The Irish sex education curriculum needs to be objective, factual and inclusive and taught without the barrier of school ethos.

Support the Oireachtas Education Committee and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessments recommendations to reform the current sex education curriculum.

It is imperative that:

- Young people grow up with the right information in order to make informed decisions about their own sexuality and relationships.

- Young people grow up understanding consent, especially in the #MeToo era and at a time when there remains a high prevalence of sexual assault, harassment and violence.

- Young people grow up inclusive of people's sexual orientation, gender identity and the spectrum thereof, at a time when LGBT students still face high amounts of homophobic and transphobic related bullying.


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