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To: Eamon Ryan Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications

Provide Consistency and Transparency in the Presentation of Electricity Tariffs

1. Provide a consistent template to electricity providers for displaying their price-plans, including items such as any standing charges, hours of day in each tariff, whether prices are displayed with or without VAT, any cash back offers etc. A consistent template will make it easier for consumers to compare offers.
2. Require consistent standing charges both within providers plans and across providers, so that consumers have less variables to compare making decisions and therefore can focus on their usage and on time-of-day tariffs.

Why is this important?

Please see the YouTube video I have created to explain why you should sign this petition (see updates for link).
It is difficult if not impossible to understand all the electricity plan variables, and to make an informed choice as things stand today.
I created an excel model to assist with this decision making process, but excel skills should not be necessary for a consumer to pick their electricity plan!


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Please review video posted Oct 1 2022 for details on the issues I am attempting to address with this petition: