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To: The Minister for Justice

Garda Reform Now

Garda Reform Now

Garda Chief Nóirín O'Sullivan needs to stand down. She must not prejudice the government Inquiry into the allegations of a smear campaign led by Garda management against whistleblowers. She must also be held to account for the many allegations of wrongdoing and corruption within the Guards.

Why is this important?

Stepping aside in light of the serious allegations of wrongdoing and interference with the administration of justice is important for our democracy and is in the interest of good policing. Those in positions of management and leadership in the Garda, the criminal justice system and the government need to absorb this request.


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Reasons for signing

  • Every one else involved (Tusla staff and Civil Servants) were put on suspension.
  • People deserve the truth no more lies
  • No person should hold so much power, that they can't be removed from office.


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