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To: Local Councillors

Preserve and Restore Lovers Lane Ródán, Carndonagh

Preserve and Restore Lovers Lane Ródán, Carndonagh, Co.Donegal

Why is this important?

At a time where 'connection' has become so important as we have all reflected on the effects of this pandemic on our families and communities, we must stand to oppose the wilful damage to our local folk-history heritage sites and preserve these for the future. The restoration, preservation and reopening of the 'Ródán' known as 'Lovers Lane' should not be a political is a necessary action to protect the living history and shared heritage for our community.
'Lovers Lane' is recorded as a public right of way on OS maps dating to the 1800's and is likely to be much older than this. There is a strong local folklore history connected to this site which is currently in the process of being ripped out by bulldozers by a local construction firm in the name of development.
The planning documents show no permissions to interfere, damage or indeed close this public right of public notification has been made to announce the closure of this public pathway which is heavily used by walkers, who now, due to the illegal closure and damage to the pathway, have to walk across a newly opened construction site entrance (which there is no planning permission for) along a busy narrow road and onto a major artery road, putting the public in harms way.
We, the undersigned community of Carndonagh insist on the cessation of damage, the restoration to it's original state for preservation and the immediate reopening of the Ródán 'Lovers Lane' in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal.

Gort Glebe, Carndonagh, Co. Donegal, Ireland

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