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To: Kilkenny County Council

Pedestrianise High Street Kilkenny

We want our council to pedestrianise High Street in Kilkenny.

Why is this important?

We need our city centre to become a comfortable, attractive and sustainable place to shop and do business. Citizens and visitors should come first and the congestion caused by cars should be removed. We have seen pedestrianisation work in small and large towns and cities in Ireland and all the evidence shows the people of Kilkenny want this and that it will improve footfall and business in our beautiful city.

Kilkenny, Ireland

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2020-07-03 00:44:56 +0100

Want to take the next step on this campaign? Join us next Monday night for a public online meeting with a panel of great speakers to plan the way ahead. Please share and encourage others to get involved.¬if_id=1593705386352012

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