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To: Oireachtas Petitions Committee

Community Facilities in Castlemartyr Village

Between the years of 2003 to 2011 along with a donation of €50,000 a number of fundraising events were Co-ordinated in East Cork.

These fundraising events were solely for the purpose of the building of a Hall/Community facilities in Castlemartyr Village

If you agree that this money needs to be spent to develop a community facility in Castlemartyr village please sign this petition

This petition welcomes signatures of :
1. Residents in the area.
2. Anyone who donated or was involved in fundraising events during the years of 2003 to 2011.
3. All Adults & under 18`s (with guardian consent as relevant)

Why is this important?

Castlemartyr lacks community facilities. The residents of the community deserve adequate resources and facilities. We are approaching the 20 year mark since the original donation of funds and nothing has been accomplished. The residents of Castlemartyr want the money returned to where it was agreed the money should be utilized in a community facility.

Gortnahomna Beg, Castlemartyr, Co. Cork, Ireland

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