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To: Cork City Council

Name Cork's new River Lee Footbridge after Rory Gallagher

Name the new River Lee footbridge after Rory Gallagher.

Why is this important?

Cork City Council will soon call for public submissions for a name for the new footbridge connecting MacCurtain street to the city centre, which is scheduled for completion in April 2019. Rory Gallagher grew up in Cork City and he bought his first electric guitar from the iconic Crowley's music shop on MacCurtain street. HIs legion of fans is growing even to this day as his music is timeless and spans across the generations, inspiring young guitarists to play. Cork is a vibrant city renowned for its music and due to the significance of MacCurtain street in Rory's life and musical career, it would be very approprate to name the new bridge after Rory.

How it will be delivered

Deliver by hand and notify the press.


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