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To: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

"May Day! May Day!" - Declare a Climate Emergency

Follow the lead of the Scottish Executive and the Welsh Assembly and declare a climate emergency.

Why is this important?

We have a decade left to avert a complete climate breakdown yet our emissions are still rising. To change this we need to first recognise and verbalise our current predicament: we are in a climate emergency. In itself, it is a small, symbolic step - but declaring a climate emergency is an effective way to engage the public sector, business and society in stepping up action to the level needed.


2019-05-11 09:05:10 +0100

We did it! A Climate Emergency Declaration was declared on Thursday. Now we need to hold politicians to it: no more exploration licenses. #keepitintheground

2019-05-02 22:41:23 +0100

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