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To: Dublin City Council

Make Wooden Bridge & Causeway to Bullwall car free once more

Campaign created by
Austin Keegan
Make Wooden Bridge & Causeway to Bullwall car free once more

Many Dubliners young and not so young have enjoyed the wooden bridge and the causeway to Dollymount beach over the last few weeks without having to battle with motorised traffic. It has been a rare pleasure to enjoy these amenities, with the people, walking, cycling, scooting getting the priority. I’m asking DCC to recognise this unexpected benefit of the present crisis, and to make this arrangement permanent. Just to clarify, I'm not looking to ban all car traffic, i.e. access to Golf Clubs and those with a Mobility Impairment would still be in place. But the current situation whereby all motorists are given priority over fellow Walking/Cycling citizens is not sustainable.

Why is this important?

The health & well being of Dubliners depends on it.

Baile Átha Cliath, Éire

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