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To: The State Examinations Commission/Department of Education

Make Sign Language (ISL) a Leaving Certificate Subject

Make Sign Language (ISL) a Leaving Certificate Subject

Make Irish Sign Language a Junior/Leaving Cert subject.

Why is this important?

I think that if you can learn Russian, Ancient Greek and Latin for your Leaving Cert then you should be able to learn a language that people born here speak as their first language. I also think that it would encourage students to learn Sign Language, even if it is just a non-curricular language that has to be studied outside of school.
If more hearing people could speak sign language, the deaf community wouldn't be so isolated in society.

Reasons for signing

  • It is another language after all I see no difference. In primary school most people get taught it and why not carry it on. It will expand the community too.
  • I want it as a subject
  • I am a student with two deaf parents with sign language as my first language and would like to show my language just like other students doing Italian or polish to get more points in the Leaving Cert. I think it’s gotten to the point where it is getting ignored.


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