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To: Easons and all other retailers and publishers in Ireland and around the world

Linda Fairstein Book Removal - Ireland

Stop the sale of and remove ALL Linda Fairstein books and any other publications by her from shops and online platforms.

Why is this important?

Linda Fairstein achieved her fame & fortune at the expense of five innocent individuals who became known as The Central Park 5. These men were children at the time aged between 14-16. There was not a single shred of physical evidence linking these boys to the crime she hunted them for. She led the investigation that fundamentally changed these men’s lives forever & unfairly tarnished their reputations. She then went on to launch her writing career in fictional true crime. And not that any more reason to get her "stories" off the shelves is needed, but she also represents Harvey Weinstein (media mogul , serial sexual assault perpetrator), proving her actionsin 1989 were never about justice for sexual assault survivors as she is representing the perpetrators now.
This dangerous, vile woman used the Central Park 5 case to advance her the aspiring career as a crime writer.
For Raymond Santana Jr, Korey Wise, Yusef Salaam, Antron McCray and Kevin Richardson, whom she KNOWINGLY & WRONGFULLY hunted and coerced into a conviction & because of her everything she has gained at their expense, I am starting a petition to ask ALL retailers & book publishers in Ireland and around the world to stop selling Linda Fairstein books or any product that is linked to her.


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