To: Councils

Licences and Registration plates for cyclists

Introduce licences and registration plates for cyclists

Why is this important?

Cyclists and Drivers sharing the same road space is challenging and dangerous.

Cycling for leisure, fast-food delivery and competitive cycling are increasing, as are accidents.

It is common to be held back on a country road by three or four cyclists, cycling side-by-side, slowing traffic down.

Equally, in the city, it is not unusual to be held back on a busy city street by a fast-food delivery cyclist casually cycling in the middle of the road with their phone in hand.

These situations are dangerous for both drivers and cyclists. This creates a passive aggressive streak in drivers that we are all more than aware of.

It is now time to address this issue. A solution to this problem is for cyclists to undertake both a theory and practical road test to understand the shared rules of the road.

Additionally, I am calling for the introduction of registration plates for cyclists, so they can be identified in case of an accident.

Please sign this with me and submit to our local councils. Cyclists are only doing what they are allowed and feel entitled to do. We need to ask the change makers to enact this rule of licences and registration plates to keep the roads, cyclists and drivers safe.