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To: Justice Minister, Charles Flanagan

Let Ken & Tarak go Home for Xmas

Please allow U.S. Peace activists Ken Mayers (82) and Tarak Kauff (77) return home to their families for Christmas. They were arrested for opposing U.S. wars and defending Irish neutrality at Shannon Airport. Bail conditions have kept them in Ireland for more than 7 months. This is harsh punishment for two peace-loving, elderly men . Rest assured, they will return for their trial to prove that WAR IS THE CRIME.

Why is this important?

Two members of Veterans For Peace, Ken and Tarak, were arrested on St. Patrick's day 2019 (March 17) for going onto the airfield at Shannon Airport carrying a banner that said:
'U.S. Veterans say Respect Irish Neutrality
U.S. War Machine out of Shannon Airport
Veterans For Peace'
They wanted to demand that police inspect a U.S.-military contracted plane believed to be carrying U.S. troops and weapons on their way to illegal wars in the Middle East. These flights, which have been passing through Shannon Airport since 2001, are in violation of Irish neutrality and international law.
The 2 men were charged with Trespass and Causing Criminal Damage at Shannon airport.
After being held in Limerick jail for nearly 2 weeks, Ken Mayers and Tarak Kauff were released on €2500 bail each and forced to surrender their passports. They have been unable to return home for over 7 months.
The High Court will not reconsider their application to change their bail conditions until they can show that their trial is years off, which will be the case with the current backup of cases in the Dublin Circuit Court. Changing their bail conditions is key to getting their passports restored.

The process the 2 peace activists are being forced to endure is a clear attempt to punish them before any trial takes place.

Major Ken Mayers served 12 years in the US Marine Corps. He is a former National Board member of Veterans For Peace and participate in veterans peace team delegations to Palestine, Okinawa, Jeju Island, South Korea, and Standing Rock.

Tarak Kauff was a paratrooper in the US Army during the early sixties. He was a member of the VFP National Board of Directors for six years. He has organized veterans delegations to Palestine, Okinawa, South Korea and Standing Rock. He is currently the managing editor of Peace In Our Times


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