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To: Mr Les Moore, Head of Parks, Dublin City Council

Landsdowne Valley Park Drimnagh needs an upgrade

Landsdowne Valley Park in Drimnagh, needs an upgrade. We ask for Dublin City Council to -

- Put in a new entrance sign
- Install seating
- Put in a children’s play ground
- Paint the railings
- Protect & restore biodiversity
- Cleanup litter in River Camac
- Improve park access for buggies & wheelchairs

Why is this important?

Landsdowne Valley park is mostly used by dog walkers and joggers currently. It has a disused pitch & putt section - that has become home to many birds. The lock-down showed how important local green spaces are. The climate crisis is showing the importance of biodiversity. Landsdowne Valley Park has a lot of untapped potential and we ask the council to take steps, to come up with an upgrade plan for Landsdowne Valley Park in partnership with the local community and stakeholders. The run down, polluted condition of the River Camac flowing through Landsdowne Valley Park, is of serious concern.

We the undersigned look forward to partnering with Dublin City Council, in creating an upgrade plan for this park.

How it will be delivered

In person to Mr Les Moore , Head of Parks Department, Dublin City Council.

Drimnagh, Dublin, Ireland

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