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To: Government, Local Authorities, HSE, Bord Bia, Food Safety Authority, Market Manager & Operators, The People of Ireland

Keep Our Food Markets Open!

Keep Our Food Markets Open!

Allow food markets to remain open.

Why is this important?

Food markets are essential outlets.
They provide a vital link between local producers and consumers.
They are a cornerstone of local economies.
Leo Varadkar has stated that outdoor activities pose less of a threat than indoor activities. Food markets are outdoors.

Reasons for signing

  • Ryan Farmers Market had taken all precautions, offered pre-ordering and payment online and only essential food stalls were attending. Safer than any supermarket. Important to keep local fresh, often organic outdoor goodmarkets going!
  • Our open air markets are the safest place to get food, of much higher quality than the shops
  • Many food producers in farmers markets produce for food service and dont have deals with multiples. Many produce seasonally and have food in tunnels and the ground ready to be harvested, have stock in warehouses/lock-ups/cold-rooms. This is an enormous resource, the main route to market is closed. Should this food sit idle, rot in the ground, stay in coldrooms? Farmers markets should be essential retail, make this resource available to the people who want it.


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