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To: Minister for Housing Simon Coveney and NAMA

Keep Lynams Hotel Open For Homeless Families

Keep Lynams Hotel Open For Homeless Families

Let this hotel be run by Dublin City Council as quality long-term Emergency Accommodation for homeless families; not flogged off to speculators!

Why is this important?

NAMA owns Lynams hotel in the middle of O'Connell St.

This 47 bed hotel currently hosts many homeless families as 'Emergency Accommodation' -- a last resort for families hit by economic evictions with nowhere else to go.

It could host many more -- every single day families are refused and sent to 'self accommodate' which means they have to source their own hotel by phoning every hotel in the city.

Lynams hotel can hold more than 40 families and ensure none of these children are left on the streets.

NAMA want to privatise this hotel, selling it back to speculators and developers at a huge discount so they can make huge profits from us again.

We wont let this happen!
Join our fight for a better city, against homelessness, against privatisation, against rent increases and against elite corruption.

O'Connell Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • We should be looking after all our people instead of just wasting money on tribunals, voting machines, junkets & ridiculously high wages for our Politicians.
  • DCC urgently needs more "emergency" accommodation for families and individuals. People are being kept in inhumane, unsafe conditions. There are no provisions for those with mobility difficulties.Throwing another 47 families to an already incompetent and heavily overloaded system is ludicrous, when all that will happen is the building will be emptied and likely sit idle like the Ormond Hotel for 15 years.
  • The housing situation is absolutely dire due in no small part to the actions of our previous government which is now reasserting its previous failures. Homeless accommodation in hotels is a last resort that should never have been resorted to in the first place if there had been sufficient housing built. However to fail to build housing and then pull the emergency accommodation out from under people is particularly appalling behaviour.


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