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To: Minister for Foreign Affairs; Minister for Justice; Human Rights International

Justice for Refugees in Ireland

Justice for Refugees in Ireland

I want them to change the application of a refugee status in Ireland. Waiting 8 years is not acceptable. The process should be within 2 years and thereafter to give them the chance to work legally at least to fit into society. To have more places for them to live within reason without high costs of accommodation that they make the choice where they want to stay within recognised centres because sharing rooms is not healthy. They come from war torn areas or areas of violence they just want to be given a new life a new chance to call a place home. Dont oppress them! Give them the right to spend their social welfare where they want because some places take advantage of this and they cannot live on less than 20 euro a week. Money is being taken out for their accommodation, food, transport etc.

Why is this important?

I care about it as they dont have a life. They are cramped up in hotel rooms and being ripped off and not given a chance to life like a human. Give back to society to work and make a better life for themselves. Please dont turn a blind eye. Employ more people in this area to process applications quickly. You are destroying people's choices.

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  • I signed because l support Human Rights


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