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To: Colm Brophy TD - Minister of State for Diaspora

Irish Diaspora call to End Direct Provision

Take urgent action to end Direct Provision in Ireland!

Why is this important?

Today ( Aug 27th 2020) another person has lost their life in Ireland's horrible Direct Provision system. It is time now for the 1.47 million Irish citizens outside of Ireland to push for change through whatever channels we can. Colm Brophy TD is Minister for the Diaspora and is the only voice we have and we must make our views clear to him - Céad Míle Fáilte is not conditional!

Direct Provision was introduced as an emergency measure in 1999. Today there are 7,000 people living in direct provision. The current government coalition has committed to ending the Direct Provision System within their term however there has been limited communication about any action so far. Last week it was revealed The Department of Justice and Equality compiled daily reports of social media relating to Direct Provision, how much traction they had and how critical they were for the government.

COVID-19 has again highlighted how unsafe this system is with multiple outbreaks in centres across the country. In recent times of crises, Irish governments have historically favoured austerity rather than investing in a social safety net. We have to pressure the government to deliver on their commitment by the end of their term AND ensure there are improved provisions to care for Asylum Seekers in the meantime.

Irish people all over the world are given the opportunity to support our communities, to contribute to society, and to share our culture in our new homes so we want to remind you of this. Wherever you are, wherever you are from the Céad Míle Fáilte is not conditional.


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Hi Everyone, Thanks for signing. Make sure you follow on insta, twitter + FB - @irishdadp. Also please share the petition on your socials. If every person who has signed got 2 people to sign and those people were able to get 2 people etc we would be at 1,000 in 3 weeks! Pleas help everyone so we can show the Irish government that we care about what happens at home. xx

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