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To: The Irish Government

Introduce legislation to regulate the use of the word “Institute” in Ireland

We request that the Irish government introduce legislation to regulate the term "institute" as a protected word and that companies or other organizations may only use the word if they are "organisations which are carrying out research at the highest level or to professional bodies of the highest standing".

Why is this important?

The word ‘Institute’ conveys a sense of learning, gravitas and professionalism. Any organization that wishes to be called an institute should be required to comply with a set of national standards to ensure the public are not mislead by the term in that organizations title. We strictly regulate the domain name .ie to ensure a high set of standards are complied with. We should consider this to be no less important.

Reasons for signing

  • Because the word institute makes an organisation sound important and gives access to media and government even though an institute may not represent anybody or have anything to do with research.
  • The word Institute applies gravitas to the organisation using it and should be protected to ensure it is only used for organisations that meet stringent criteria.
  • The word institute created a reputation of deserving merit granted by many eg the institute of education gains nationwide acclaim for their high achieving students and carefully designed learning program. Others may abuse this to their own benefit, their views and or harmful self propaganda may garner recognition that is undeserved.


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