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To: Minister for Health - Stephen Donnelly

Improving access to Neurological services in Ireland

Improving access to Neurological services in Ireland

The aim of this campaign is to create better access to neurological services in Ireland. Currently there is 800,000 Irish people living with a neurological condition, however there is limited services, limited staff and not enough funding being invested. I aim to influence change by appealing to the minister of health, to make these issues a priority at government level.

Why is this important?

This is extremely important as many people are left to suffer on long waiting lists or are forced to pay privately for services. Covid 19 has also had a negative effect on accessing these services and as a result investment is vitally required to keep these services running and develop them further, so they are accessible for all. For those who are unable to pay for services privately or are not able to travel for services ,accessing neurological services becomes extremely inequitable and this is something that needs to change.


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