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To: Cork County Council

No Oversized Whiskey Storage Facility in West Cork

Stop Development of West Cork Distillers ltd. Whiskey Maturation Site in Tullig, Leap, Co. Cork.

Why is this important?

In recent years there has been a growing trend in purchasing a cask of whiskey for investment purposes. These casks need to be stored somewhere and distilleries are looking to our countryside to build large warehouses solely for the purpose of storing whiskey.

Now West Cork Distillers Ltd. wants to build a whiskey maturation site on 26.5 acres in the heart of West Cork. The floorspace alone for the warehouses amounts to 24,480m2 (6 Acres), a road network is also required around these warehouses.

The proposed development is only 1700m from the foot of Carrigfadda, that affords truly the most magnificent panoramic coastal and countryside views in West Cork. On clear days, one can see as far as the Old Head of Kinsale, the Kerry Paps, Hungry Hill and Sherkin Island, to name a few.

This Large development doesn’t offer any extra employment into the area as it is mainly manned by CCTV operations or would have a maximum of two people on site.

Our country lanes can’t support arctic lorries, the infrastructure is not there to support such a sizeable development.

There is a potential for flooding in the area if the development goes ahead.

A development of this size will lead to loss of habitat for our wildlife.

This is an urban development that is more suited to an urban industrial area.

We want to support our local enterprises, but we need our local enterprises to respect our rural communities.

And we need your help to help us protect existing rural character and discourage urban style developments.
Tullig, Co. Cork, Ireland

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