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To: Minister Roderic O Gorman, Minister for Disabled People & Equality, Clare TDs , Clare Senators and HSE

Help Jennifer Get Her Forever Home

Call on the Minister for Disabled People Roderic O'Gorman, Government TDs Cathail Crowe and Joe Carey and Government Senators Roisin Garvey, Martin Conway and Timmy Dooley to seek agreement with the HSE in Clare and the Local authority to provide Jennifer with a place to live with supports fit for purpose.
Clare Leader Forum is calling on officials and politicians as a matter of urgency to ensure Jennifer's human rights are met under Article 19 of the UN Convention for People with Disabilities.

Why is this important?

Nursing homes are not suitable places for young people to live an independent life. Jennifer Hynes is a 42 year old woman, forced to live in a nursing home in Ennis since April 2019 with no plan agreed to end it.
Up to then Jennifer lived in her own house. Due to lack of HSE support she was moved into a nursing home.
She passionately wants her forever home in Ennis. Her own LA house is still vacant as we write this petition.

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