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To: The Irish Government

Free Travel for People With Epilepsy in Ireland

We are petitioning the Irish government to make Free Travel available for people with epilepsy in Ireland who are ineligible to drive for the period of time that they are off the road.

The Free Travel Scheme is not currently available to people with epilepsy. It is administered by the Department of Social Protection as part of certain social welfare payments.

- We want free travel to be recognised as a standalone entitlement which can be assessed separately.

Why is this important?

- The costs of public transport poses hardship to many people with epilepsy who are not eligible for Disability Allowance or any other payment which Free Travel is attached to.

- The Free Travel Pass would enable people who have been told they cannot drive for a minimum period to stay economically active and compensate them for the added costs of public transport.

- This would make a huge difference to supporting people with epilepsy in travelling to work, retaining employment and improving overall quality of life.

- Travel concessions for people with epilepsy are available in other countries and there should be similar provisions here.

- Successive governments have not delivered on the issue of free travel despite intense lobbying from organisations - we need public support on this issue!


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