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To: Valero Energy (Ireland) Ltd , McMullan Bros. Ltd, Applegreen Ltd, Dept of climate change and Transport

Free Staffed Tyre checks at every station

This campaign has ended.

Instal free, staffed, tyre checks at all stations.

Why is this important?

As the US dept of Energy points out......"Tires can make a big difference in the number of miles a driver gets to a tank of gas. In fact, 20% to 30% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption and 24% of road vehicle CO2 emissions are tire-related. Tires affect vehicle fuel efficiency primarily through rolling resistance.......
"Under inflation also increases the rate of wear on tires and are estimated to cause as many as 10 to 25 percent of blowouts.........
"A tire that is 20 percent underinflated can increase a vehicle’s fuel consumption by 10 percent. "
"because it provides more resistance, causing your car to expend more effort to get going."
People would be far more inclined to have their tyres checked if it was free and if someone were to do it for them. This was once normal procedure in garages across the country.
This could see a huge drop in transport emissions which in the past year saw a 6% rise.
We can cut emissions very easily if the will is there. Tyres need to be checked at least once a month for optimum performance. Every sector needs to strive for optimum performance in reducing emissions. Transport can easily reduce theirs with this small and effective action.
It is time fossil fuel merchants were asked to do their bit to reduce emissions.

How it will be delivered

Social media. What's app and anywhere other people share it to. We do not have facebook account ourselves.



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