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To: Dublin City Council

Free Car-Parking for Healthcare Workers

During the Covid 19 Pandemic - Dublin City Council thankfully agreed to allow Healthcare workers to park on the public streets for free once a photocopy of their Hospital ID was placed in the windscreen window. This provided a little bit of relief and solace to those of us who worked tirelessly to support our country. As of the 1st August 2020, we will no longer be granted that relief. Prior to this car parking was a constant nightmare, with over €120/month being spent on car parking fees and often hours wasted driving in circles to find a space.

Why is this important?

The public transport system remains unreliable for staff who have no other means to get to work. For those of us who drive we are working extended hours to juggle ongoing childcare issues which have not been rectified by the recent reopening of some childcare facilities. We are and have been under enough pressure for the last 4 months. Free parking is a small mercy to grant us for our tireless efforts. Please reconsider this decision Dublin City Council.

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Dublin, Ireland

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