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To: Minister For Justice. Charlie Flanagan & Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Free Adrina Podaru and Ana Tomascu

Free Adrina Podaru and Ana Tomascu

Free Adrina Podaru and Ana Tomascu.
These two young women are migrant sex workers who were working together for safety, because of this they were accused of running a brothel. They have been sentenced to nine months in prison. Aged just 25 & 20 these sex workers (one of which is pregnant) should not be treated in such a disgusting, unsupportive way, it is cruel and unnecessary.

We cannot deny that sex work is happening, what we can do is make it as safe as possible for the women and men in these often vulnerable positions. Imprisonment is not the answer. This judgement is unfair, yes they were working together but only because it is safer that way. We should not discourage the idea that there is safety in numbers.

Why is this important?

Decriminalisation of Sex Workers should be of high priority.

Reasons for signing

  • Adrina & Ana were jailed for "Running a Brothel". Which is stupid, they only worked together for safety! Under the Nordic model, Sex Workers can't go to the police and they are in more danger than they have been for a long time in Ireland. Let's make sure these ladies are released from Prison and then we can continue the fight to stop Ruhama, end the nordic model law in Ireland and inevitably decriminalise sex work in Ireland, to make it safer for everyone!
  • I hate these things hate giving my mail up as I hate spam. But I hate seeing this injustice even more, so I signed
  • This is not a good thing. This women not treated fair by law.


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