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To: The Office of Public Works and Cork County Council

Flood relief scheme for Youghal

Youghal requires proper flood relief schemes to provide flood protection for the town, residents and town's ecosystem. Implement Phase 2 now!

Why is this important?

Recent floods show us that Youghal needs proper protection from flooding, so that residents, business owners and the whole town can feel safe during storms or high tides.

Floods are destroying many homes and businesses in Youghal. By prioritizing the implementation of a flood relief scheme, Youghal can effectively protect its infrastructure, preserve its cultural heritage, sustain its tourism industry, protect its coastal ecosystems, and enhance the overall resilience of its community in the face of coastal flooding and related natural hazards.

Phase 1 of Flood Relief Scheme in Youghal is done. Phase 2 should be implemented as soon as possible, not within next 5 or 10 years, as otherwise town will be flooded yet again.

[1] Flood Relief Scheme document for Youghal - Blackwater:
Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland

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