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To: Fingal County Council

Flemington Recreation Centre campaign

The land between Flemington Community Centre and Castlemill Shopping Centre has been idle for a long time. We are calling on Fingal Council to acquire it and make it into an outdoor recreation facility.

Why is this important?

There are other compelling reasons for Parks Department of Fingal Council to develop this space for recreation use.

They are:
- provide green space for Balbriggan ETNS school, Foroige and afterschool
- space for young people to hang out, instead of within the nearby estates
- a minipitch/ multi use games area would nicely complete this space
- minipitch/ games area would provide an asset to Fingal Council's Balbriggan Sports Hub, which is based at Flemington Community Centre
- many estates in the surrounding area do not have green spaces within, so this space could be put to good use in day time and evening time hours

Please sign and share with your friends and neighbours!

How it will be delivered

We will present the petition to Fingal County Council once we see there is significant support.

Balbriggan, County Dublin, Ireland

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