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To: Katherine Zappone, Minister for Children & Youth Affairs

Extend the remit of Mother and Baby Homes Commission

The Mother and Baby Homes Commission needs a wider set of terms of reference so the full scale of abuses carried out against the women and children placed in these institutions can be uncovered.

Why is this important?

The Mother and Baby Homes Commission has found that there is a 'culture of “institutionalisation and human trafficking” has existed amongst various religious orders and State-funded institutions.'
In light of the horrific news of the mass grave in Tuam, all other Mother and Baby Homes now need to be investigated.

Only 14 Mother and Baby Homes and 4 County Homes are included within the Commission's Terms of Reference, but numerous people and organisations, including the United Nations and women who spent time in these homes, believe that the scope of the Commission's investigations should be widened.


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