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To: ESB International

ESB: Don't push dirty coal fired power on the Philippines

ESB must not partner on the Meralco Atimonan coal plant

Why is this important?

Ireland has just divested from fossil fuels. But at the same time, our publicly owned Electricity Supply Board is pouring money into a coal fired power station in the Philippines.

We already know we're dangerously close to losing our shot at a safe climate. For us to avoid disaster, 80% of known fossil fuel reserves have to stay in the ground and never be burnt. That's why it's crazy to be building new coal fired power stations - we should be closing down the ones that already exist.

What's more, this project has seen shocking abuses of the community from the start. Residents were lied to, and told the project would be a Liquid Natural Gas plant. After it was approved, it was changed to a coal fired power plant. People who live near other coal fired power plants in the Philippines have seen a huge spike in tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases, but residents are not being heard. People were forced out of their homes to build the plant, some of whom got no compensation and some who were coerced to sell for far less than market value. Even worse, local priests who have spoken out have been receiving threatening text messages.

Ireland cannot back a project like this. As a developed country, our role must be to support fair, renewable, and community led energy initiatives in developing countries - not dirty coal.


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