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To: Local TDs, Local council

Equestrian facilities

We the people of darndale would like the help of our local TDs and dublin city council to get proper equestrian facilities in the area as the interest in the equestrian world is really high in our area with both adults and the younger generations it has been done for areas such as Ballymun and Ballyfermot so why not Darndale 

Why is this important?

We would appreciate if everyone from the area could sign this and get the equestrian facilities for the area that are needed. Our kids put there hearts and soles into looking after there horse keeping themselves busy and out of trouble until the horse pound come in and does a clear out after all the tender loving care and money  has gone into our horses the last visit from the pound was at 10.40pm on the 18/06/2024 siezed 5 horses and left many young kids heartbroke this so going on far to long now the love for horses is not going to leave the area by just keep pounding the horse but pounding the younger generations horses is just going to give them more free time and push up anti social behaviour in our area so we are asking for a safe and secure location for the horses for our younger generations to keep them doing what they love and keep them off the streets 
Priorswood, Darndale, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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