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To: Doug Beattie, Ulster Unionist Party Leader

Doug Beattie - keep your promises on Integrated Education

Doug Beattie, please keep your promise to work to create integrated education in Northern Ireland.

Why is this important?

Right now, the Integrated Education Bill is going through the NI Assembly - but those opposed to integrated education are misleading schools and parents, telling them the Bill will harm existing schools - it won't.

The Bill can pass if enough parties support it - and what the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) do will be crucial.

Last month, Doug Beattie, the UUP Leader, signalled his support for integrated education and said "Northern Ireland has been blighted by division.. and yet we don't take the brave steps to try and deal with that division...we need to end educational apartheid which is taking place here in Northern Ireland."

We need Doug and his MLAs to support the Integrated Education Bill, and resist attempts by the Bill's opponents to sign a "Petition of Concern" - an Assembly motion that would doom the Bill.

Write now and tell Doug how you feel!
Northern Ireland, UK

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