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To: Minister for Climate Action Denis Naughten and the Irish Government

Don't break Ireland's promises on climate change

In the wake of climate catastrophe Hurricane Ophelia, Denis Naughten needs to stop derailing the climate targets of the whole EU by pushing for loopholes

Why is this important?

Ireland will fail to meet our climate target of a 20% emissions reduction by 2020. Even worse - Denis Naughten and our Government are trying to back out of our 2030 promise by pushing for a loophole in the EU climate agreement. [1]

Hurricane Ophelia shocked us all showing how much harm a storm like this can cause in such a short space of time. Three people tragically lost their lives. 400,000 homes lost power, schools were forced to shut down, business couldn't open, homes damaged and livelihoods shattered. [2]

Unless we make our Government step up on climate change, Hurricane Ophelia is just the beginning. Don't let Ireland drag the whole EU on climate action - let's make the Government stick to their word.



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