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To: Dublin City Councillors

Dog Park for Fairview, Marino, Eastwall, Ballybough & North Strand

Open a large well-lit, fenced dog park with separate areas for big and small dogs for the area of Fairview, Marino, Eastwall, Ballybough & North Strand!

Why is this important?

The opening of a dog park in this community would give people a place to safely exercise and play with their dogs. It would provide a space to allow dogs off-lead which is essential for dogs to be socialised, safe and learn friendly play.

At the moment there is a lack of spaces for dog owners to be able to safely let their dogs run off lead in public parks. Many of us living in the inner city do not have access to large private gardens to give our dogs a run around and we depend on our beautiful parks. However currently letting a dog off the lead in nearly all DCC parks including Fairview Park is a breach of DCC bye-laws, which can even result in a fine or prosecution!

Dogs that are well socialised and exercised are healthier, happier, and less aggressive in behaviour. They are less likely to bark or be destructive or aggressive if they are able to expend pent-up energy during regular play or exercise off the lead.

Well socialised and stimulated dogs tend to be much better behaved, happier dogs and dog owners, and this would mean much less rehoming of dogs and dogs surrendered to shelters.

A dog park in this area similar to that in St. Annes Park is would be a great step in solving this issue and make the park a happier, safer place for everyone!

This petition will be sent to Councillors in Dublin City Council to demand they build a dog park to serve the community.

Please send the onto everybody you know who might be interested!

How it will be delivered

In person to each councillor

Fairview, Dublin, D03 XF90, Ireland

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