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To: Charities Regulatory Authority, Minister for Justice

Fully Implement the Charities Act

Commence Part 4 of the Charities Act - Protection of Charitable Organisations

Why is this important?

It will help in the fight against self serving associates robbing money donated by well meaning people. The latest scandal involves Console. Draft sections of the audit revealed that former Console boss Paul Kelly and his wife and son spent almost €500,000 on designer clothes, foreign trips, groceries, and other expenses between 2012 and 2014. All three benefited by almost €500,000 in salaries and cars in the same period.

This is not good enough. The legislation exists but it's not being implemented. This must change.

PART 4 of the Charities Act first action:

Protection of Charitable Organisations

Investigation of affairs of charitable organisation.

64.— The Authority may appoint a person (in this Act referred to as an “inspector”) or more than one such person to investigate the affairs of a charitable organisation and to prepare a report thereon in such manner as the Authority shall direct.


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