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To: Fellow Students, Academics, College Faculties and the General Population

Cognitive Enhancers: Doping in Academia

The misuse of pharmaceutical cognitive enhancers and the moral dilemma associated - is it essentially "doping" in academia?

Why is this important?

Brain Awareness week (BAW) is a global campaign to increase public awareness of the benefits and progression of brain research. This campaign aims to encourage a debate surrounding the moral implications of essentially "doping" in academia or a working environment during BAW on the 6-12th of March. The aim of cognitive enhancers is to achieve something without effort which diminishes the value of achievement. Is this fair competition? Should there be similar outcomes for those who engage in "doping" in academia as there are for those who engage in "doping" in sports? There is little research on both knowledge and discussion surrounding the misuse of these stimulants in Ireland. Research conducted in Universities across the United States reported that up to 50% of students have taken a cognitive enhancer for academic purposes, or at least knew of someone who had. This subculture of abusing prescription drugs is growing rapidly, unlike the research surrounding it. Could this misuse lead to addiction, reliance or even significant changes in brain chemistry?
Help us raise awareness #DopinginAcademia

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