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To: Fingal County Council and P&M Properties Limited

Clean up the site of the derelict houses at Palmer Avenue, Rush

We request Fingal County Council and P&M Properties Limited to clean up the site of the derelict houses at Palmer Avenue, Rush

Why is this important?

These houses are in shameful condition and this is now Health and Safety concern to the whole community. The derelict houses are being are attracting anti social behaviour and locals are afraid to let their children play in the Park. It is just a matter of time that something more serious or life-threatening will happen. Not to mention that these are about 200 meters from a local Primary School thus school children walking through the Park to and from school are in danger of being mistreated. It is high time this issue to be taken seriously.

Rush, County Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • This site is causing great concern for many of is local residents and those with young children who are exposed to drug, drink and sexual behaviour not to mention the verbal abuse from those using the derelict house that is shouted and jeered at children and passers by. The site is dangerous unstable and it is a disgrace that no responsibility has been taken for this property. Its high time authorities take action BEFORE a serious incident occurs: please do something positive about this now
  • It’s beside where I live and I am sick of the antisocial behave that goes on till all hours of the morning. Including drug use and sales and people having sex in full view of children. It’s also a safety hazzard where kids are playing and debris is being thrown and falling from the roof and walls
  • Its close to where i live and these sights just give way to violence


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