To: Clare County Council and Local TDs

Bodyke NS Needs a Parking Solution

Bodyke NS Board of Management and Parents Association wish to highlight concerns about safety on the public road in the vicinity of our local school. There is great concern for the safety of children being dropped off and collected at the school and the hope is that a solution can be found before there is a serious accident.

Why is this important?

With no designated parking area, parents and teachers must pull up onto the footpath to drop and pick up from school. An increasing volume and speed of traffic on the Bodyke-Limerick road, makes the situation as it currently stands dangerous for all and we would ask that this matter be taken with the urgency it deserves.

Off-road parking and a safe turning area near the school are urgently required. Clare County Council and Clare TDs have been asked to look at how this might be made possible. Local community support is hugely valuable and we would urge you to sign this petition and help draw attention to this local issue.
Coolreagh More, Waterpark, Co. Clare, Ireland

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